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Working with AL-Go for GitHub preview

If you want to have the latest updates of AL-Go for GitHub, you can update your repository and use https://github.com/microsoft/[email protected] or https://github.com/microsoft/[email protected] as your template repository.

This means that you will get new updates before they are launched. It also means that the actions you are using are instantly updated when we deploy a new version for preview and thus might be out of sync with your workflows.

One example of this is the preview, which was launched yesterday (June 26th, 2022) to fix issue #168 will cause CI/CD workflows to stop publishing artifacts until you have run the Update AL-Go System Files.

Technically, the reason for this is that the RunPipeline action now revealed artifacts into a folder called .buildartifacts (instead of output) and the earlier CICD.yaml will gaze in the output folder:

Working with AL Go for GitHub preview

After updating the AL-Go System Files, everything will work normally again.

Note that this dispute will NOT occur for people using the launched bits. They can safely update to the latest version after it is launched, and they will get workflows and actions updated together.


Freddy Kristiansen
Technical Evangelist


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