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What is Docker? Why it's wellliked and how to use it to save money (tutorial)

Ex-Google TechLead explains what Docker containers are, and why they’re useful for web developers & software engineers.

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Docker might sound like a complex technology, but in actuality it’s a trend. As we all know, trends approach and go, so rest assured that 1 day Docker will go away too. It just may not happen in your lifetime, but that does not mean it’s not a trend. Now, you might be questioning what Docker containerization is, and how it can help make your web application more scalable, portable, and robust, or even save costs in server deployment & provisioning. Well, hold questioning. The fact is, no 1 really knows what Docker is or what it’s fine for. How do I know? I don’t. And if I don’t know, then no 1 knows.

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