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Our articles series on the prospective of work and collaboration

Business leaders and IT professionals approach to Google Workspace to construct secure, cloud-first collaboration solutions that transform how people work together. Here’s the latest from Google Workspace leaders and companions about the evolving prospective of work and collaboration, all in 1 place.

Staying in sync: Effective collaboration strategies for distributed workforces

  • Michael Brenzel, Chief Evangelist for Google Workspace, discusses how organizations can use the best form of collaboration for the job at hand. Read the article.

Empowering everyday innovation to construct a more adaptive business

How organizations can rethink their approach to time management coaching

Google Workspace and Google Cloud help construct the prospective of work at Airbus

  • See how Airbus lived up to its mantra of “Any device, anytime, anyplace,” with help from Google Workspace and Google Cloud. Read the article.

Shaping the prospective of work for frontline workers in Asia Pacific

Boosting collaboration and participation in the hybrid work world

The prospective of work requires a more human approach to security

  • Security is no longer just about protecting information or limiting how that information is accessed—it’s about building safe, efficient, and efficient ways to facilitate seamless collaboration and information-sharing. Read more.

Insights from our global hybrid work survey

  • Google Workspace commissioned Economist Impact to conduct a global hybrid work survey. Here are the ensuing insights about employee wellbeing, productiveness, and the need for better technology.


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