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Multi-CPU Architecture Kubernetes Cluster with a Raspberry Pi

Building a Multi-architecture CPU Kubernetes cluster is easier than you think with k3s. In this video we’ll build a Raspberry Pi 4 with an ARM CPU and add it to our existing x86 x64 amd64 CPU Kubernetes cluster. Our foundation will be Ubuntu for ARM, then we’ll add k3s, and then join it to our cluster. We’ll also discuss how this works with Docker images built for specific CPU types. We’ll also talk about some build configurations and requirements for your Pi.

Happy Pi Day!

See the whole kit here:

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00:00 – How do I get a multi-arch kubernetes?
00:23 – Choosing the right Raspberry Pi
01:02 – Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Pi Hat
01:32 – Assembling the Pi
02:01 – Choosing your OS
02:56 – k3 server vs agent
04:08 – Configuring k3s on Pi
06:12 – Congrats! Multi Arch k3s + Containers!
07:11 – Force pods on a particular
08:01 – Using labels and NodeSelector to deploy pods to a specific node
09:13 – Create a podspec
09:37 – Apply podspec with NodeSelector
10:03 – What does it look like in Rancher?
10:23 – What do you think about our hybrid kubernetes cluster?
10:58 – Stream Highlight – Viewer asks “What is a PoE Powered Raspberry Pi?”

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“Wasted Keybinds” is from Harris Heller’s album Breaker.

Thank you for watching!

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