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Light Up Your Summer Nights

The days are getting longer, and summer is right around the corner. Here in New England, we like to squeeze every drop of outdoor fun out of this relatively short warm-weather season. Thankfully, today’s advanced technology allows us to light up summer nights with ease.


If you want to make the most out of your outdoor living space well after the sun sets, there are an abundance of lighting options for your property. Whether you just need a little mood lighting on your patio, path lights for safely strolling the garden, pool lights for midnight swims, or something a little brighter to keep game-night rolling, there are choices available in a wide variety of styles and price points.

Looking for something a bit more natural or rustic? Consider carefully placed fire bowls, an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit for gatherings with friends and family. Nothing sets a mood like the warm glow of firelight.

Best of all, smart technology makes all these outdoor lighting options simple and convenient to install and use, with the push of a button or app on your smart device. You can even schedule some features to turn on and off automatically.


Weather-proofed speakers and outdoor-rated television screens may be just the ticket to expand your outdoor entertainment options even further. Make the most of summer nights while listening to your favorite playlist, watching the Red Sox go for another World Series win, or enjoying your favorite movie under the stars.

Talk to us about the outdoor vibe you are looking for this summer, and we’ll recommend the products, take care of installation, and ensure you’re ready make the most of all your summer nights

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