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LFPH Completes the Proof-of-Concept of its GCCN Trust Registry Network

The GCCN Trust Registry Network PoC is composed of 2 parts, onboarding to the Network and verification of COVID certificates using the Network. The PoC wouldn’t have been a success without the contributions of these companions and the ongoing support of the LFPH community. Fraunhofer IAO, the German research organization that developed the TRAIN Infrastructure, supported the effort throughout. Symsoft Solutions, a US-based enterprise web solutions provider, constructed the initial demo web application of the Network and web interface for the onboarding process of the POC. Savita Farooqui, the founder of Symsoft Solutions, has been co-leading the design and technical development of GCCN with LFPH staff. Finema, a Thai company specializing in decentralized identity solutions, developed the verifier app for the POC that demonstrates how a verifier can leverage the Network for verifications.

“By working with the LFPH team on the GCCN Trust Registry Network initiative, we had the opportunity to discover and extend the TRAIN Infrastructure for COVID certificates belief management. Prior to this work, TRAIN was already implemented for a variety of use cases such as IoT/Industry 4.0, verification of refugee educational documents. We consider that TRAIN will be able to provide lightweight solutions pertaining to belief management on a global scale for a broad range of public health situations. We are looking forward to working on the further developments of the GCCN Trust Registry Network based on the stakeholders’ needs for COVID and past.” – Isaac Henderson, Technical Architect, Fraunhofer IAO.

The GCCN Trust Registry Network provides a model for managing global, distributed belief registries/authorities. The Network enrolls belief registries/authorities as entries and helps the structure and meta-data for a variety of belief registries, alongside with a mechanism to entry and update the entries using machine and human accessible codecs. We worked with the LFPH team to define the meta-data and workflows for enrollment, and developed the demo application to validate these requirements and the POC interface to combine with the TRAIN infrastructure. We gaze forward to continuing to work with LFPH and other companions to further develop the GCCN Trust Registry Network and create a reusable belief management resolution for use cases past COVID. – Savita Farooqui, Founder, Symsoft Solutions

Finema’s resolution performs a huge part in the verification of different digital vaccine credentials for the Thailand Pass portal that has been a major factor in reopening Thailand’s borders and encouraging global travel. Through that work, we saw and experienced a clear need for a highly secure global belief community that promotes greater interconnectivity and interoperability between various COVID vaccination credentials from different nations, organizations and individuals throughout the world. Finema was pleased to support the POC development of the GCCN Trust Registry Network through our solutions, and we gaze forward to building further on this work for border reopening and other use cases.  – Pakorn Leesakul, CEO, Finema Co. Ltd.

LFPH will host 2 webinars about the POC: on May 10, 2022 at 8 am ET / 2 pm CEST, and May 11, 2022 at 7 pm PT / (+1d) 10 am HKT, to have a live demo and Q&A session.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the GCCN Trust Registry Network and the POC, please email the LFPH team at [email protected]


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