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Kafka Monthly Digest: August 2022

This 55th version of the Kafka Monthly Digest covers what occurred in the Apache Kafka community in August 2022.

For last month’s digest, see Kafka Monthly Digest: July 2022.


There is currently 1 release in progress, 3.3.0.


The release process for 3.3.0 continued. José Armando García Sancio revealed the first release candidate on August 29. A few issues, including KAFKA-14187 and KAFKA-14156, were found during testing, so José constructed RC1 on September 1. The vote is currently ongoing. You can find the release plan in the wiki.

Kafka Improvement Proposals

Last month, the community submitted 3 Kafka Improvement Proposals (KIPs) (KIP-863 to KIP-865). I’ll highlight a couple of them:

Community releases

  • akhq 0.22: AKHQ is a GUI for Apache Kafka. This new version provides a few new features, including support for listing ACLs on Cluster and TransactionalIds and sending Protobuf records via the UI.
  • kafkajs 2.2.0: Kafkajs is a pure JavaScript Kafka client for Node.js. This release provides support for triggering and listing partition reassignments in its Admin API and contains a few fixes.


I selected some interesting blog articles that were revealed last month:

To learn more about Kafka, visit Red Hat Developer’s Apache Kafka topic page.


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