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Improve Your Observability on AWS

It’s no secret that end users have a zero-tolerance for bad digital experiences. They blame the brand of the application or digital service, regardless of who’s responsible. Therefore, for your application modernization and hybrid cloud strategies—including migrating to and operating workloads on AWS—you would do well to forestall any blind spots in your application landscapes that can impact application performance, availability, and security.

To forestall such blind spots, insist on holistic visibility and on entry to AI-driven, real-time insights that lead to actions you can take to continuously optimize for cost and performance while securing your applications. This is where Cisco’s full stack observability (FSO) portfolio of products–AppDynamics, ThousandEyes, and Cisco Intersight—approach in to play. All 3 are available today on AWS Marketplace.

In this blog, we’ll walk through 6 common use cases clients are deploying on AWS using the Cisco FSO portfolio.

Hybrid application monitoring

When you have applications operating in a hybrid cloud environment–such as a combination of AWS public cloud and on-premises infrastructure–it’s necessary to not only monitor across all the different domains but also to correlate those insights back to the business. Applying business context to application performance monitoring helps focus efforts to meet and exceed outcome objectives through the delivery of exceptional application experiences.

This is where AppDynamics shines, helping clients continually optimize digital experiences, proactively diagnose performance issues, and understand how user experiences impact the bottom line. Ultimately, IT efforts are related to business results.

Modern cloud-native application monitoring

In their journeys to the cloud, clients are increasingly transitioning from traditional monolithic, 3-tier applications to cloud-native, distributed, event-driven applications–constructed from services touched by several entities that span multiple clouds, on-premises, and community infrastructure. This makes deploying full stack observability of cloud-native applications critical due to the extreme challenge of identifying root causes and remediating issues that can impact user experiences in complex application landscapes.

Customers can greatly advantage from the newly launched AppDynamics Cloud cloud-native observability resolution. AppDynamics Cloud enhances the existing market-leading AppDynamics APM offering, while leveraging AppDynamics’ lengthy history of correlating data to insights to improve business outcomes.

Application dependency monitoring

Regardless of the application architecture, it’s crucial to understand how external community dependencies affect user experiences. This requires visibility into the Internet and cloud provider networks, APIs, and third-party services.

This is where ThousandEyes comes in, providing an industry-leading fleet of vantage points distributed throughout the Internet, public cloud, and enterprise networks–providing visibility from the user to the application. ThousandEyes provides correlated insights from diverse performance data across application transactions down through the community path to Internet routing.

Customer digital experience monitoring

Ultimately, clients need their applications operating in AWS to deliver exceptional digital experiences. This requires proactive, actionable, and correlated insights from the full application ecosystem. Here, the combination of AppDynamics and ThousandEyes comes into play. Together, they provide a comprehensive and unified view into the complex digital supply chain for collaborative troubleshooting across teams and for faster mean time to resolution for identified issues.

Hybrid cost optimization

In addition to delivering exceptional application user experiences, you’ll want to lower costs by paying only for what AWS infrastructure is desired, while safely increasing use of on-premises assets. Cisco Intersight Optimizer helps to avoid public cloud over provisioning and associated cost overruns. It is often deployed to ensure application performance, while helping to avoid underutilization of on-premises infrastructure.

Application resource optimization

Closely related to providing hybrid cost optimization, the combination of Intersight Workload Optimizer and AppDynamics can help you achieve visibility into application and hybrid cloud infrastructure resource dependencies and how they impact end-user experiences.

For example, you can correlate code-level application performance data with infrastructure health for a common view across IT operations and DevOps teams, while gaining visibility into how infrastructure sources are impacting the end-user experience. This allows you to continuously optimize sources that are run on premises and in public clouds with application-aware infrastructure optimization.

Learn more about Cisco FSO on AWS

As you run your workloads on AWS, you’ll want to deliver optimum experiences continuously. It’s extremely difficult to do this without visibility into the root causes that can degrade application performance and availability. Don’t take this risk!

To learn more about how the Cisco FSO portfolio of products can provide the visibility you need to meet your outcome objectives and deliver exceptional application experiences, visit Cisco Solutions on AWS.

Don’t overlook that when you buy Cisco products from AWS Marketplace, your spend can be utilized to your enterprise discount program commitments.

Also, learn more about Cisco’s Full-Stack Observability portfolio, and watch the video on Cisco Full-Stack Observability Solutions on Amazon Web Services


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