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How to debug Docker containers! (Python + VSCode)

I recently encountered an issue where a python unit test was passing inside of a container, but failing locally.

In this video I show a few different tips/techniques for debugging code running within a docker container:

1) Modify the container entrypoint and exec into the container
2) Copy files to and from the container for inspection/comparison
3) Set up a remote debugger inside the container and attach to it from the host

I hope you find these helpful as you debug your own containerized applications.


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0:00 – Intro
0:57 – Sample test case overview
1:12 – Sample Dockerfile
2:28 – Tip #1 (modify entrypoint)
4:00 – Tip #2 (docker cp)
5:39 – Tip #3 (remote debugger)
7:16 – Configuring debugger in VSCode
8:54 – Closing thoughts

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