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Governance on K8s: How to Solve Ownership, Metering & Capacity Plan… Micheal Benedict & Yongwen Xu

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Governance on K8s: How to Solve Ownership, Metering & Capacity Planning – Micheal Benedict & Yongwen Xu, Pinterest

Pinterest is a cloud first visual discovery engine that serves over 250MM users. To support this scale, there are thousands of services running on tens of thousands of hosts, processing 300+PB of data. We operate large kubernetes clusters across several availability zones, across regions. The cluster is auto scaled with support for pod level auto-scaling. Finally,to effectively utilize resources within the clusters, we operate heterogeneous workloads on a kitchen sink of instance types. Given this, 1.Who owns what? 2.What is driving utilization? 3.How do we plan capacity effectively with minimal overhead? In this talk, we will share how we built a governance platform to address the above through defining canonical ownership, metering resource utilization (at various granularities) + reporting and finally a policy enforcement mechanism (ex, pre-emption, placement, etc).


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