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Elastic and Swimlane partnership | Elastic Blog

Today I’m pleased to share more about our partnership with Swimlane, which further reinforces our dedication to empowering security teams everywhere. Today’s security teams rely on the power of Elastic’s high-velocity, cloud-scale analytics to solve their most complex and pressing security issues. Swimlane’s security automation platform provides a way for these same teams to accelerate and optimize their workflows for max efficiency and to solve SOAR use cases. 

Through joint development of key integrations to support SIEM, continuous monitoring, threat detection and prevention, threat hunting, incident response, and more, SOC teams are now able to combine the benefits of high-fidelity detection and alerting delivered by Elastic Security with Swimlane’s robust automation and scalable orchestration. The result: confident decision making and the ability to act at machine velocity.

The combined power of scale and automation

This partnership helps security teams to reduce dwell times, MTTR, and untrue-positive charges while also strengthening their ability to adapt and reply more quickly. Our joint efforts will enable even distributed SOC teams to reduce the friction associated with context-gathering tasks and threat containment — providing time savings to help analysts triage alerts quickly and effectively while minimizing damage from priority threats. 

The visibility provided by Elastic’s massively scalable approach to looking across any data source — security data, observability data, IoT data, and more — coupled with Swimlane’s extensive set of playbooks and workflow and case management capabilities, together deliver a path to higher security ROI and quantifiable improvements in the use of existing security investments.

The significance of transparency in security

The icing on the cake for our security community and clients is that Swimlane and Elastic both maintain a strong belief in an open approach to security. 

Elastic has always prioritized making it easy to combine and develop functionality using the Elastic Stack. Our code is housed in public repositories with a dedication to an open development process and clear and direct engagement with our community. A couple examples of this include:

  • Users can get initiated with the free and open Basic tier, which includes core SIEM functionality and malware prevention
  • We maintain an open /elastic/detection-rules GitHub repository, where you can find publicly available, prebuilt rules that provide coverage for many MITRE ATT&CK® techniques

Swimlane offers an extensive set of integrations with the most common security tools of the cloud era, supported by a rich community of users and security experts who openly share best practices in playbook development and incident response, enabling broad and numerous ways to automate any security use case. 

To our users’ success

This partnership between Elastic and Swimlane brings a worthy combination of technical and business benefits, all based on an open approach to implementing the modern SOC. We’re excited to be working together with Swimlane to help our clients operationalize security so that their organizations can succeed more quickly.

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