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Docker Networks part 2 – HOST and MACVLAN

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Part 2 of the Docker Networking series. The docker bridge network is fine for most tasks with docker containers. In this episode we will use Portainer again to define docker containers using the docker host network and the docker MacVLAN Network.

Breakdown of the episode:

01:26 the docker host network
03:30 Performance considerations: Host vs. bridge network
08:10 the Docker MacVlan Network

Portainer Documentation is here: https://documentation.portainer.io/v2.0/deploy/ceinstalldocker/

sudo apt install docker.io
(on a Pi it may be called docker-ce)

One liner to start portainer:

docker run -d -p 8000:8000 -p 9000:9000 –name=portainer –restart=always -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock portainer/portainer-ce

(In portainer, click on “Networks” on the left, you’ll see the networks)
(on the command line)

docker network ls

Commands that I use in the video:

(Pulling the image and running it)
docker run -d nginxdemos/hello

with the host network:

docker run –network host -d nginxdemos/hello

creating the macvlan network in a one-liner:

docker network create -d macvlan -o parent=eth0 myMacVlan

In order to execute shell (/bin/bash) in the container on the command line

docker exec -it CONTAINERNAME /bin/bash

Commands I type INSIDE the containers:

ip addr
ping www.google.com

apt update && apt install iperf3

# running iperf3 in server mode

iperf3 -s
# running iperf3 in client mode
iperf3 -c (serverIP) -p (portNumber)
apt update && apt install iproute2 dhcpcd5 iputils-ping

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