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Containers? So What? Docker 101 Explained – Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #8

Containers are confusing. They are a buzzword that everybody is saying but no 1 understands. Why use them? Why are they better than virtual machines? How are they different than just using a machine regularly? Let’s construct a Dockerfile FROM Scratch and constructed it up to an Nginx webserver and finally a multistage Dockerfile with building, testing, and operating, in manufacturing, in just 30 min!

00:00 Introduction
01:25 Hello World in C
03:30 Draw.io diagram
05:00 Your app
06:12 Hypervisors
08:25 Completed Draw.io diagram
09:00 Dockerfile from Scratch
10:12 Docker Build and tag
12:12 busybox and base images
14:00 Running an image
15:22 What’s Inside?
16:27 From Ubuntu
17:00 Layers
18:45 A more complex example
20:20 Nginx
24:25 My .NET podcast site in Docker
27:10 Why containers are incredible
27:45 Size of images
28:55 Final Diagram
30:00 Conclusion

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